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Power with Purpose is a family friendly martial arts, self defense and health centre run by father and son team Michael and Matthew Rahn

Our core goal is the personal growth of every individual in our care. We achieve this by providing a safe and nurturing yet challenging and empowering environment.

We offer family friendly taekwondo classes, self-defense classes and Stay Safe seminars at a number of locations in Sydney’s North West.

Both Michael and Matthew are also trained counsellors and work with students on a physical and cognitive level to get the very best student outcomes.

Through ‘Making Choices’ our dedicated counselling service for children, teenagers and families, we offer you the option to work through difficult issues in a confidential and empathetic environment.

Our History

Our roots are in Lion Park taekwondo school. Our Grand Master and the founder of Lion Park is Byung Hoon Park. Kwan-Jang-Nim ‘Lion’ Park was famous for having the strongest punch in Korea and is a Korean Poomse Champion.

He is Grand Master of Lion Park taekwondo club and you will see him at our gradings (belt tests) were he promotes all colored belts to their next level and black belts to their next Dan. To this day he continues to encourage a high standard of taekwondo, self-discipline and self-control.

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