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Making Choices Family Counselling

Are you worried about your teenager? Would you like your child to speak with someone who will really listen to and get them? Do you just need someone you trust to talk to?

Making Choices is the counselling service offered by the team at Power with Purpose.

Michael Rahn is a qualified counsellor who listens and guides with empathy and understanding.

He finds it easy to connect with teenagers and quickly build rapport and trust so the process of healing can begin. Michael has decades of experience working in the community with teenagers and families.

He’s taught martial arts since 2001 where he’s helped numerous children and teenagers find a more meaningful life path.  He spent 10 years at TAFE teaching teenagers. And he helped design and build courses for people with disability and mental health issues.

In Michael’s words: “If I can help turn kids around and stop them from going down the wrong road then I’ve made a difference to my own neighbourhood… and that’s why I do this work.”

Stopping them going down the wrong road

Areas of experience:

  • bullying
  • teenage developmental issues
  • relationship problems
  • home issues
  • suicide ideology


Michael has a Diploma of Counselling (MACA level 1) and is a member of the Australian Association of Counsellors. He is currently studying for his post graduate diploma.


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