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Our Next Grading will be:

Saturday: April 7th, at Shelley Public School starting at 10:00am – 11:30am approx. (finish time varies depending on number of students)

Tuesday: April 10th at Toongabbie West Public School starting at 6.30pm – 8.00pm approx.   (finish time varies depending on number of students)




Our Next Black Belt Grading will be :

Saturday December 8th, at Shelley Public School 11.30am – 12.30pm.     


White Belts through to Black Belt


All students need to attend a Grading or “Group Promotion Test” to move from the current belt to the next belt level.

The Power with Purpose team will assess your ability in your current form and at times, lower forms, speed training and free sparing.


Add to this one step sparing and board breaks for senior belts, as well as demonstrations for instructors and you can begin to see the complex and demanding performance that you need to have to achieve the next level.

There are many criteria for you to master before you’re eligible to attend a grading and there are small milestones along the way for you to complete. Everything comes into play from your attendance and ability to your attitude and co-operation. Everything that can determine whether or not you have the right aptitude and ability for the next level.

IMG_3727Black Belt / Hi-Red Belt Testing

Black Belt and Hi-Red Belts are required to attend the December Grading on the Saturday morning. This is where all necessary paper work and offical Kukkiwon papers will be submitted.

This year will will be running this exam independently of our regular coloured belt testing. In this way we will be able to devote as much time as possible to this most important Grading.

We have two grading locations.  Shelley Public School and Toongabbie West Public School.


Our primary grading centre is on a Saturday at Shelley Public School. Here we grade all belt groups including Black Belt. Our second centre, Toongabbie west, is for those who find it difficult to make the Saturday test. It is however, only available for white through to blue belts. Hi-Blue and above must attend the Saturday Grading.

2018 Grading Dates.

April: Saturday 7th & Tuesday 10th

June: Saturday 30th & Tuesday July 3rd

September: Saturday 22nd & Tuesday 25th

December: Tuesday 4th & Saturday 8th 2017

Black Belt & Hi-Red Belt Grading, Saturday December 8th Shelley Public School Only.

Grading Locations:


Shelley Public School location Hadrian Ave Blacktown


Toongabbie West Public Location Ballandella Rd Toongabbie west