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Hip, Knee and Foot Placement.

Posted By Author on September 15, 2018 at 10:30 am

In our previous posts, we’ve been taking a look at the basic kicks; the front snap kick, side kick and roundhouse kick. For this post, we’d be looking at the hip, knee and foot placement for each of these kicks.

The Front Snap Kick


  1. Maintain the fighting stance with your knee slightly bent – Here, we are looking at what your standing foot does on the ground while the other leg is doing the actual kick. As usual, we’d start with the basic fighting stance. One important thing to take note here is to ensure that your standing leg is placed forward and bent a bit at the knee, with your foot kept flat on the ground.




2.2. Lift your leg – Then you lift the other leg and extend it, ready to be pushed at the target. Take note that the foot on the ground should still be kept completely flat on the ground. Some people make the mistake of raising the foot from the ground as they go in for the kick, to allow them to land a higher kick. You don’t want to do that, because there is a chance of you losing your balance after getting the kick in. But, with firmly planted feet you get stability and can’t go off balance with the force of your kick.


3.3.  Kick – After extending your leg, then go in for the kick. So don’t forget, lift your leg, keep your feet flat, kick and return your foot as swift as possible.





The Side Kick

The sidekick starts out similar to the front snap kick. You’d maintain your standard fighting stance, with your knee slightly bent, and your feet pointing at your target.


  1. Turn with your toes facing the opposite direction – The change here comes with your feet. Remember, the key in executing the front snap kick is to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. However, you rotate for a sidekick by twisting on the balls of your foot with your toes facing the opposite direction and your heel pointing at the target.




2. Keep your legs tucked in – Then, try to tuck your leg in towards your body to generate more force when you push it out towards the target.






3. Kick – Then, go in for the kick.







The Round House Kick


  1. Lift your feet with your knee pointing at the target – Here, as usual start with the standard fighting stance, then raise your leg. This is quite similar to the sidekick, but, here the knee points at the target so that you can kick across.




8.2. Kick –  Go in for the kick. So, to recap lift your leg, knee out, and kick across.


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