Self-Defence Classes

Class - Self-defence

Need a self-confidence boost?

Want to learn to defend yourself, in a relaxed, safe environment?

Our classes can provide you with the skills to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the most confronting of situations.

Power with Purpose self-defence classes encourage our students to have confidence in their ability to defend themselves.

Once you are equipped with the right skills and strategies, the most powerful of opponents can be taken down… no matter how many push ups they can do!

Ladies' self-defence classes

Our roots are in martial arts so we know the techniques and how to apply them… but we also know that uniforms, belts and grading tests are not right for everyone.

Our ladies’ self-defence classes give you a place to learn the tools at your own pace without the fuss or worry of exams.

We run these classes as a group but understand everyone has a different learning style. Our expert teachers can offer a tailored approach for individuals to achieve those ‘aha’ moments when trying to nail a move or learn a technique.

Self-defence class for ladies
Self-defence - Key Elements

Key elements

We offer a range of features within the class that create a safe and relaxed learning environment. Some of these key features include:

  • highly skilled instructors
  • learn practical, effective techniques
  • no belts, forms or exams
  • kindness and understanding

Michael Rahn, the founder and principal, has seen first-hand the positive impact these classes have had on his students.

“I think of self-defence training as airbags for life. Like any form of security – it’s good to know it’s there but you hope never to have to use it.

We teach our students new ways to think and new ways to move. This brings an all-round increase in self-confidence and self-awareness and gives people the tool kit they need to defend themselves.”

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Recommended age

Our self-defence classes are available to anyone 16 years and above. Younger students are encouraged to join our taekwondo classes.

When are the classes?

Classes are run at Toongabbie West Public School, Ballandella Road, Toongabbie West.

Tuesdays 9.30am- 10.30am

Ready to defend yourself? Contact us to join one of our classes.