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Stay Safe Seminars for Ladies

Would you like to learn how to defend yourself and your family? Do you want to understand more about healthy and not-so healthy relationships?

Our Stay Safe seminars are straight to the point and effective. The sessions are interactive and filled with real-life practical solutions to common problems.

Our roots are in martial arts so we know effective self-defense techniques and how to apply them… but we are also trained counsellors and have years of experience working with families in the community. So we can address your physical and mental safety in a unique way.

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Key Features of our Stay Safe Seminars

  • Gentle, nurturing environment
  • Learn to recognise abusive behaviours
  • Recognise common excuses for these behaviours
  • Understand some basic safety strategies
  • Learn new self-defence/self-protective skills
  • Understand personal behaviours that are not useful
  • Learn to draw and hold boundaries
  • Learn to recognise early alarm bells regarding abuse

We start with an easy to understand presentation where we run through some of the possible danger situations you might face and offer solutions using practical demonstrations. We encourage you to participate so you can learn some of these new skills but you don’t need feel any pressure… participation is optional and you will not be pushed into any situation that you are uncomfortable with.  

In the longer sessions we continue with interactive discussion and learning about relationships and safety in the home. Many mothers attend these seminars with their teenage daughters. This is because we talk about things like the qualities of a good relationship, how to recognise an abusive relationship and what to do if you find yourself in a damaging situation. This is incredibly useful knowledge to take forward into a happy and healthy life.

We can tailor the workshops to include a range of topics and for diverse groups of participants. We can also tailor workshops to suit clients’ requirements. For example we can include more material on boundaries or on personal relationships or more physical activities.

Contact us for a quote to run a workshop for your organisation.

Latest Seminar "Adopting Protective Behaviours"

One Day Workshop 13th February 2016 9:30am-4:30pm

Level 6, 146 Marsden St Parramatta


  • Recognise abusive behaviour
  • Recognise common excuses for these behaviours
  • Some basic safety strategies
  • New self-defense/self-protective skills
  • Understand personal behaviours that are not useful
  • Draw and hold boundaries
  • Recognise early alarm bells regarding abuseWe use a series of interactive activities for participants to understand themselves, learn to identify potential abusive situations and have protective reactions.Contact us for more information on this upcoming seminar.


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