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Michael Rahn is passionate about teaching important life lessons to children, teenagers and adults, arming them with skills to build resilience and strength for whatever curveballs life throws at them. He has a unique ability to provide essential learnings in a fun, interactive way, encouraging personal growth and self-awareness.

Mental strength

Michael is an exceptional communicator, having spent ten years designing courses to help those with mental health issues.

The mental tenacity Michael displays to assist those facing a multitude of challenges inspires his students to face their struggles with strength and perseverance.

Michael started teaching Taekwondo classes in 2002, demonstrating the importance of both the mental and physical strength needed to take on the toughest opponents.

Armed with a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and years of experience working in a suicide prevention role, Michael now passes on his knowledge of mastering techniques, both on and off the mat!

We are fiercely proud to offer the following seminars to help you with strength, perseverance, resilience and mental strength:

1. Arming yourself for life

To arm yourself against all the challenges in life, you need to prepare yourself with the best techniques. Whether it’s defending yourself against an attacker or developing strategies to deal with a bully at school… you need to be prepared!

Cornered by an attacker? Stuck in an abusive relationship that is both physical and mentally destructive? Struggling with methods to deal with bullies? Michael’s teachings provide useful tools on how to arm yourself for those tough moments in life.

We encourage all of our participants to develop a heightened awareness of their environment to recognise the early warning signs of abusive relationships or dangerous situations.

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2. Power of language

An offensive comment or hurtful language can be just as impactful as a kick to the gut!

We often forget the power our words can have over people; it’s important to maintain open channels of conversation whilst maintaining awareness of others’ feelings.

Michael demonstrates the power of positive language and the impact of our interactions in other people’s lives.

You will leave with a greater understanding of the tools needed to have honest conversations that nurture loving relationships.

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3. Airbags for life

Sometimes things can go wrong that we can’t plan for… we need emergency measures!

Attackers don’t announce their first move; bullies don’t send you an email listing who their victims may be and damaging relationships don’t give you a courtesy call… the need to be versatile has never been so important!

Our seminars will provide you with an emergency kit that can be used in a variety of situations.

Michael teaches a wide range of both physical and mental techniques for those occasions that may take you by surprise.

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4. Back yourself

Do you have the confidence to push your boundaries? Is doing something outside your comfort zone for positive change outside the realm of possibility? The power to walk, talk and act with purpose is a lifelong skill we teach to make you comfortable in any environment.

Michael exhibits the confidence you need to succeed in all types of situations. You’ll find him inspiring you to lead a meeting with confidence, stand up to your bullies or disarm the strongest opponents.

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We offer a wide range of seminars including women’s safety, domestic violence and suicide prevention across all ages. We tailor our seminars according to all participants involved so you can get the best experience in a safe environment.

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