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Taekwondo Classes

Want your daughter to learn to defend herself?

Could your child do with a self-confidence boost so he can avoid the bullies at school?

Or are you simply looking for a family friendly martial arts centre where your child can get fit… and where you can even work out as a family if you want?

Our taekwondo classes are family friendly and run by father and son team Michael and Matthew Rahn.

Our core goal and purpose is the personal growth of every individual in our club. We achieve this by providing a safe and nurturing yet challenging and empowering environment.

We work with our students on a physical and cognitive level to get results.

Mixed Classes

All our taekwondo classes are mixed. This means that young children, teenagers and adults all train together in the same class.

This mixed training helps everyone to learn respect. Adults and teenageers appreciate that younger children need to be nurtured and take time to learn to co-ordinate their bodies. And our youngsters know how challenging martial arts is and gain huge respect for the adults learning alongside them.

Teenagers and adults learn self-control when they train with youngsters… and kids learn how to defend themselves against people much bigger than themselves which of course is good preparation for the real world.

How taekwondo can help your child

The benefits of martial arts training for children are well documented and recognised by scores of health professionals. There are the obvious benefits of increased fitness and weight loss… but the benefits your child can gain from taekwondo training go much deeper than that.

For example we’ve seen the following changes in our students as a direct consequence of their training at Power with Purpose

  • improved concentration
  • increased self-control
  • improved school grades
  • better social skills
  • demonstrating more respect for others
  • reduced ADHD symptoms
  • emerging leadership skills

Family Bonds

When parents train with their kids we often observe strengthened family bonds, increased respect for each other and smiling happy families. And of course Power with Purpose founders Michael and Matt have always trained together as father and son.

At Power with Purpose we hold regular family friendly social events like movie nights and holiday celebrations for all ages. Great times!

Safe Non-Contact Environment

Our taekwondo training does not involve physical contact. Students learn techniques and become fast and accurate in a safe environment. As their skill develops we teach them how to become more powerful and how to deal with confrontation.

The belt system challenges students to find their personal best and work consistently towards personal goals. As Sa Beom Nim Michael always says “Best is Best.” Be the best you can be and that’s just perfect.

Every class includes a chat about society and how to stay safe. We talk about protection and boundaries and how to walk away from confrontation keeping your head held high.

Check out our timetable to find a class that works for you or contact us for a chat


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