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3 Generations of Taekwondo

They say families who kick together stick together…

For the Rahn family 3 generations now train together and are the team behind Power with Purpose.

You’ll often see Michael, sons Jason and Matthew and grandson Daniel all on the mat at the same time.

In Michael’s words

“Jason, Matthew and I have always trained together… so it seemed natural for us to invite Daniel onto the floor as soon as he could walk. From a very early age he’s picking up healthy habits and learning to co-ordinate and move his body. It’s wonderful to watch.”

Michael Rahn

Michael Rahn is passionate about helping the underdog and empowering people with the tools they need for personal growth.

Michael tells his students ‘Best is Best’.

With this simple phrase he recognises that physical limitations may limit your ability… but that the best you can do is the goal and just as valuable as anyone else’s best.

The door at Power with Purpose is open to you whatever your age and ability.

Michael’s roots are with Lion Park Taekwondo School. He feels so strongly about Lion Park that the words are tattooed on his arm.

Michael began training in 1986 but a number of injuries sustained outside the Dojang forced him to take a breaks from the martial art he loves so much. Then in 1998, spurred on by the pull of training with his young son Matthew and a doctor who understood martial arts, he battled through the injuries and got back on the floor for good.


Making a Positive Difference

Michael began teaching taekwondo classes in 2002. And from solid roots…

Power with Purpose has grown into the multi-discipline centre we know today with self defense classes, seminars and counselling services part of the weekly timetable.


In Michael’s words

“It’s a phenomenal feeling knowing that I make a positive difference to people’s lives. Because we work on a cognitive as well as physical level with students, we see mental as well as physical growth. Students then use this growth as a platform to change their lives for the better. That’s magic for me.”

Michael Rahn’s Qualifications:

– 5th Dan WTF Australian Tae Kwon Do Academy Certified  – 5th Dan WTF Korean Kukkiwon Certified – Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness – Senior First Aid Certified – PgDip of Counselling – Working with Children Check

Matthew Rahn

Matthew Rahn began training alongside his Dad in 1998 at 7 just years old. By 2001 he was a black belt – he’s currently a 5th Dan.

Because Matt began training at a very young age his Taekwondo skills are incredibly fluid, instinctive and a joy to watch. He acts as a strong role model to the juniors in the club.

Matt is so passionate about fitness and health he’s made it his full time career.

He currently works for Fairfield City Council as a personal trainer helping people with weight loss, injuries while promoting fitness and health.


Bright Futures

In Matt’s words

“For me the magic moments are when students finally nail something they’ve been struggling with…. like when they master a form, perfect a kick or break a board. I love seeing a student’s pride when they achieve something they thought they couldn’t do.

“Self-discipline is also very important to me and I love that I can help instill this into students and help them learn healthy habits they can take into bright futures.”

Matthew Rahn’s Qualifications

5th Dan WTF Australian Tae Kwon Do Academy Certified
5th Dan WTF Korean Kukkiwon Certified
Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
Senior First Aid Certified
Diploma of Couselling
Working with Children Check


Ready for a Positive Change?