The Front Foot Kick

The front foot kick is yet another basic martial arts technique, and it is very similar to the front snap kick.

Although it may not be as powerful as the front snap kick, the front foot kick can be used to impart sudden, stunning blows on your opponent which makes it a great technique to have at your disposal.

Carrying out the front foot kick doesn’t require much flexibility or conditioning, which makes it a perfect technique for beginners to master just like the front snap kick. Here are the steps below

Step 1: Standard fighting stance

Just like the front snap kick, or with any other martial arts and taekwondo technique, getting into a fighting stance is the key to delivering an excellent front foot kick.

Stand with your guard up, and your legs two shoulders apart, with one foot in front of the other.

Step one Fighting S
Step two Raise the leg

Step 2: Get closer to your opponent

For a front foot kick to be effective, you’ll need to get closer to your opponent, while maintaining your fighting stance.

And just as it is done with the front snap kick, lift your front leg, while putting a little bit more pressure on the back leg so that your weight shifts to the back leg enabling your front foot to lift with ease.

The last thing you’d want is to fall on your behind while raising your foot for a front kick.

Step 3: Kick the target

With your front leg raised, kick your opponent. Depending on your flexibility, you could aim for the face, the chest, or the groin.

Please bear in mind that the front foot kick is not as powerful as the front snap kick, so it focuses more on speed than power.

And if you’re able to kick your opponent on the face, the more effective your kick will be because the face is more vulnerable than the other two targets.

Step three kick
Step four Raise the leg

Step 4: Return your leg

After hitting the target, retract your leg; don’t just drop your foot down.

Retracting your foot, while maintaining your stance gives you an opportunity to kick multiple times at multiple targets in quick succession.

Step 5: Return to a standard fighting stance

After kicking your opponent, whether once, or several times, and retracting your foot, then drop your leg, and return to the standard fighting stance.


Fighting S

It takes a lot of practice to master any technique, and as long as you follow all the steps explained above, your front foot kick should be perfect.