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The Front Foot Roundhouse Kick

Posted By Author on August 9, 2018 at 2:19 pm

The front foot roundhouse kick is another technique in the front foot series, and just like the other basic front foot kicks, it is a technique that focuses more on speed than power. So it will not be as powerful or as effective as the traditional roundhouse kick, but if you want to substitute power for speed in order to stun your opponent, then it is a great technique to master.

In this blog post, we will be discussing in details how to execute the front foot roundhouse kick properly.

Step 1. The fighting stance

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To get this technique right, getting into the correct fighting stance is essential. Your legs need to be apart, with the front foot being the one to be used to kick your opponent, and then raise your guard. Don’t forget to stand within striking distance of your opponent, before getting into your fighting stance.


Step 2. Lean on the back foot

20180619_111726 rl

Performing any of the front foot kicks requires shifting all of your weight on the back leg. This is because you have to get your front foot up while maintaining your balance at the same time. If you don’t get all of your weight on your back foot, you wouldn’t be able to stand properly on one leg, and you’ll end up falling on your face when you attempt the kick.



Step 3. Lift your front foot quickly

20180619_111726 rl

With all of your weight pushed to the back foot, you’re now able to lift your front quickly. Raise your front foot in such a way that your knee is at the same level as your hips.



Step 4. Rotate your hips

20180619_112430 kn

With your front knee raised, quickly rotate your hips in such a way that your front knee is pointing at your opponent, while the front foot is pulled back, ready to strike at your target. Remember to keep your guard up.

Step 5. Execute the kick


Kick the target, as you would in a regular roundhouse kick. You could go for the head or the ribs. It all depends on your flexibility and how high your foot can go. After hitting your target, don’t just drop the foot down. Instead, take steps 4, 3, and 2 in reverse, this gets you back to the fighting stance, and then go again.



Remember all five steps need to be done in one fluid motion, so keep practicing until you’re able to perform several in a few seconds.

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