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The Round Back Kick

Posted By Author on June 26, 2018 at 4:06 am


The round back kick when done correctly is one of the most powerful kicking techniques in martial arts, and just like every other technique,  it goes by different names for different fighting styles.

The round back kick is still one of the basic kicks in taekwondo, but unlike the first three (side kick, front snap kick, and the roundhouse kick) which are pretty straightforward, it is a little bit difficult for beginners to execute.

Step 1. Fighting stance


Just like the other basic kicks, the first step is to get into your fighting stance. When you’re doing that, your left shoulder should be aligned with that of your opponent. It all depends on your kicking leg, if you’re kicking with your left leg, then your right shoulder should align with that of your opponent. Then move back a little to give yourself some space to kick, and get into your fighting stance. Don’t forget to spread your legs apart, with your kicking leg at the rear while keeping your guard up.


Step  2. Turn the feet and twist


After getting the correct fighting stance, the next thing to do is to turn with the balls of your feet, to get your heels pointing at the target. This should be done while maintaining your fighting stance.




Step 3. Look over the shoulder


When you’ve got step 2 correctly,  the next thing to do is to look over the shoulder of your kicking leg. If you’re kicking with your right leg, then look over your right shoulder, but if you’re using the left leg to kick, then look over your left shoulder.

Please note that it is important not to turn your head too far while looking over your shoulder when your head turns too far, the rest of your body turns along with it leading your body out of position. So turn your head until one eye can see the target.

Step 4. Lift the leg


Lift your kicking leg, while maintaining the fighting stance. Your knee should be pointing towards the ground as you raise your leg, preparing to strike.




Step 5. Hit the target



When you’ve raised your leg correctly, push your leg straight and hit the target as hard as possible while in motion. Depending on your flexibility and the height of your opponent, you could be hitting the abdomen or the chest of your opponent.







Step  6: Keep turning


After hitting the target, don’t just drop the leg, instead keep turning.







Step 7.  Return to the fighting stance


Bring your leg back to where you started from, back to step one the fighting stance.






The round back kick is very similar to a side kick when you start to move faster, and it can really take someone out when you get it right. Remember all six steps have to be done in one fluid motion if you’re going to execute a perfect round back kick. It’s a little difficult to learn, but with a lot of practice, you’d be executing it perfectly in no time.


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