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Tournament Team

Posted By admin on July 22, 2019 at 2:02 am
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Screenshot_20190722-123851_Video PlayerWelcome: We’re really excited to introduce you to a new beginning of tournament training. Not only will you learn the new skills required to enter tournaments, you will enhance all your other skills and senses, becoming a faster, fitter and well-rounded, fulfilled martial artist.

Location & Times: Weapon Training is held on Saturday mornings at Shelley Public School in Blacktown from 9am till 10.15am. Contact tournament sparing is Saturday afternoon from 1pm till 3pm  Ultimately, we will acquire our own dedicated location.

 The Team: We now have a team that’s attending regular tournament training classes and are about to enter their 1st Tournament.

We thought it was about time to get to know them a little better so, we asked some of them some questions about themselves and what they hope to accomplish.

Screenshot_20190722-124340_Video PlayerWhat to Expect in Class? Bring your contact equipment, weapons or partake in Taegeuk form practice. You will still need to practice your Palgwe forms in your regular class. Some classes will focus on conditioning while others will be around techniques or combinations and of course contact sparing, which will operate like our regular classes with multiple matches simultaneously.

 Screenshot_20190722-124852_GalleryWill I be Alone? No, we will always ensure at least one of the Power with Purpose Team will be with you to coach, assist and support you at any event. Hopefully it will be a team effort with several of your fellow students competing at the same tournamen
Who Can Enter? Anyone who is a current member or Power with Purpose and Australian Taekwondo may enter a tournament at any belt level, so long as you meet the requirements set out for the specific  competition and follow to the rules and regulations of that event.

Screenshot_20190722-124714_Video PlayerCould I get Hurt?  Every sport from football to cricket and everything in between runs the risk of serious injury to even death so, it is possible that you could get injured. You would always compete with other students of the same ability, weight division and belt level and of course male vs male, female vs female. We will always ensure your safety is placed first.

Screenshot_20190722-124244_Video PlayerCompeting Against My Friends  All sports inspire competition and rivalry and there will be times that you will compete against a friend or even a relative, maybe even a brother or sister. No matter, the whole point to competition is to determine who has developed the greater skill and the ability to hold it together. To win and be a champion!

Screenshot_20190722-124555_Video PlayerRules – You Won’t Always Win! We will adhere to the rules of the individual organizer and we will adhere to our own very specific rules and obey them without question. Bad Sportsmanship from any of our students will not be tolerated under any circumstances. All competition draws fair play and dishonest behavior and it won’t always go your way. In other words, sometimes people cheat so, stay humble, win or lose. Keep your dignity and consider other people’s feelings and above all else, enter a tournament for the pleasure, fun, and sheer challenge of testing your personal limits.


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