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Power with Purposer - Our Story

Our story

“We’ve seen kids come into our classes and come out completely different. They have gained so much confidence and achieved massive personal growth.”

Power with Purpose was born from a shared passion for taekwondo and self-improvement.

And it was this passion that inspired father and son team Michael and Matt to create a family business providing a fun, respectful learning environment for all their students.

“Our classes are tailored to the needs of every individual student. Parents often give us feedback on their shy child who has blossomed, or the active child who has gained focus.”  – Michael Rahn, Founder, Power with Purpose

2019 Awards Ceremony

Let’s take a look at Power with Purposes 2019 Award Ceremony.

We take a look at all the new and exciting developments that have occurred throughout the year and take at their students abilities.

We also look at one students incredible journey and her struggle to overcome Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to achieve her dream goal.

And, we celebrate Sa-Beom Michael’s 6th Dan test with a look what he had to do to enter this elite group.

Go beyond the impossible

A real purpose

Our family friendly club welcomes people of all ages and skill levels… helping them master the art of taekwondo.

Students are challenged to go beyond the impossible, to set and achieve goals, while having a fun time in a safe environment.

Our unique atmosphere and style of teaching have seen our members grow from 10 to 180… and while the numbers are still climbing, we still retain the same values as we did when we first started.

Our values

Having a focus on mastering a skill can help teach discipline, confidence, commitment and resilience.

At Power with Purpose we believe that our teachings provide our students with a strong set of values both inside and outside the Do-Jang.

“We’re often told that kids’ grades increase, their focus improves and that they become better students… because they are encouraged to think outside the four walls that they are within.” Michael Rahn, Power with Purpose Founder

Through our classes, students will learn to respect their fellow classmates, instructors and the discipline learned in taekwondo.

Focus on mastering a skill
Power with Purpose - Expertise

Our expertise

Our team has a collective experience of teaching taekwondo for over 60 years.

Michael, Matt and Jason have all held their black belts for over 10 years and are constantly looking to further their skills.

“It’s a never-ending journey learning taekwondo; there are constantly new things to learn or skills to refine.”

– Michael Rahn, Power with Purpose Founder

For all abilities

Not sure if you can do that marathon?

Hesitant about your ability to face a challenge?

Each day people are doing remarkable things, overcoming monumental challenges… we think you can as well!

No matter your what your size, age, level of skill or strength, everyone is welcome to join our taekwondo community. We pride ourselves on the diverse range of members in our club who are willing to stare down any challenge with a sense of determination and tenacity.

Power with Purpose caters for all different learning styles. Our instructors offer a tailored approach for each group of students offering help to those who may be struggling with a move or providing extra challenges for those who are more advanced.

Join our taekwondo community

A community within the club

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

At Power with Purpose we pride ourselves on the support we provide to our students through the sense of community felt within the club. Our students learn to support each other while being respectful of others’ feelings and opinions.

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