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The transformative power of taekwondo

Power with Purpose was born from a shared passion for taekwondo and self-improvement. Our students become transformed through their journey in martial arts.

At Power with Purpose, we offer a sophisticated, immersive and holistic taekwondo experience that stands out from other clubs in Sydney. Our teachers are skilled and certified black belt instructors, who are committed to arming our students with skills, knowledge, self-discipline and courage to unlock their true potential.

We take a personalised approach to teaching, scaling each student’s training to suit their unique abilities, and focusing on developing their skills both physically and mentally. With a focus on discipline, respect and perseverance, we aim to help our students achieve their goals.

Family-first approach

When we started our club, we decided that we’d bring a totally unique taekwondo experience to families in Sydney and beyond. Removing the conventional siloed age-group structured classes, we encouraged young and old, girls and boys, men and women to all train together.

The success of this approach is evident in the strong bonds built between all students. We’ve seen mums and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters and friends train together, grade together, cry, laugh and succeed together.

This commitment to family-centred training and personal skills development inspired father and son duo Michael and Matt Rahn to create Power with Purpose over ten years ago, becoming a Sydney taekwondo club renowned for producing respectful, confident and influential martial artists.

Our multi-layered approach to taekwondo brings out the tiger in shy kids and tames the tiger in loud and boisterous kids.

Holistic, whole-person development

If you’re looking for a club to gain physical skills only, Power with Purpose is not for you.

We train our students to be good people first, and good martial artists second.

Our club’s ethos and values, adapted from our global affiliate Kukkiwon, are centred around honour and respect.  We take a holistic approach to personal development, fostering love, truth respect, honour and justice. It’s not about being the best – it’s about being the fairest.

We’re proud of our club and what we stand for. The values of Power with Purpose are front and centre of everything we do, and radiate through each of our students, wherever they go in life. We believe that our teachings provide our students with a robust set of values both inside and outside the Dojang.

Scalable and personalised taekwondo training

At Power with Purpose, we treat each student uniquely. The distinct abilities and needs of each student guide our instructors. We decided early on that a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to taekwondo progression is not how we wanted to operate.

No two people’s physical talents and mental dexterity are the same – why should their training be?

And because our classes are a mix of ages and genders, our students have the distinct advantage of learning from others or being an inspiration to younger or newer members. Therefore, we allow each student to progress at a pace that appropriately enables them to flourish and unlock their true potential.

Young kids attended Taekwondo training
Taekwondo professional teaching his students

Our roots and certification

Our roots are with Grand Master Byung Hoon Park, 9th Dan Black Belt and founder of Lion Park’s Taekwondo. He was renowned for having the strongest punch in Korea and was a Korean Forms Champion.

We have now proudly gained certification with Kukkiwon, a recognised governing organisation for Olympic or WTF style taekwondo.

Read more about our Kukkiwon certification and what it means for our students.

Taekwondo is for everyone

Not sure if you can do that marathon?

Hesitant about your ability to face a challenge?

Each day, people are doing remarkable things, overcoming monumental challenges. You can, too.

No matter your size, age, level of skill or strength, everyone is welcome to join our taekwondo community. We pride ourselves on the diverse range of members in our club who are willing to stare down any challenge with a sense of determination and tenacity.

We offer in-person and online classes throughout the year so that you can remain part of our community, no matter where you are.

Level up - let taekwondo transform your life

“Overall, this is a fantastic school, with instructors who are wise and skilled. There is definitely something to learn every single day.” – Student, Mohammed Athique.

Our sense of community, kinship and support at Power with Purpose changes the lives of our students… we see that daily. They learn to be supportive, respectful, honourable and humble, while developing confidence in their own abilities, and physical strength to support their growing skillsets.

Wondering whether taekwondo is the right choice for you and your family?

Contact us to find out more about joining our community.

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