Taekwondo Classes During COVID-19

At Power with Purpose, we take the current COVID19 situation seriously and are doing all we can to ensure your families safety while creating engaging and fun taekwondo classes. We are adhering to all guidelines provided by the NSW Government and Australian Taekwondo.

Students will have a choice to attend either Face to Face Classes or Online classes through Zoom. Or a combination of both!

The times and locations of our Taekwondo classes can be found on our timetable, and please remember to register your spot in class using Zenplanner.

And if you are a new student looking for a new skill and a fun way to exercise please get in touch to book your free first trial class.

Covid19 Class Procedures & Restrictions

We have implemented our own unique methods to provide a safe environment and ensure quality service. Here are the latest class procedures to ensure your safety when training within the Do-Jang.

  1. Classes are restricted to 20 students per class plus 4 instructors
  2. 1.5m distancing must be adhered to
  3. We must take a student’s temperature prior to admittance to a lesson
  4. Students with a high temperature will not be admitted (38 degrees or above)
  5. Please be on time to drop off and pick up your child
  6. Early arrivals must wait in the carpark within their car
  7. Non-essential people cannot stay. Sorry, no spectators.

We thank you for patience and understanding and look forward to seeing you in class. Please check the class timetable for class session times and locations.

Yellow belt taekwondo student doing a single punch (1)

Online Classes - Zoom Live Stream

During our isolation period, we ran online classes live streaming our unique brand of training to all our students. Here is a virtual class in action!

These have been so successful that they are now a permanent feature and they can be used in addition to your standard class or as a makeup class for missed lessons.

We run 2 Livestream classes per night, 3 nights per week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday nights. Please see our timetable for the latest information about the times these classes are running.


We are pleased to be associated with Zenplanner. This is your personal lesson planner. You will be able to reserve classes, check your progress and keep up to date with your payments. This is included with your membership at no additional cost.

Going forward:

  1. All classes will need to be reserved via the Zenplanner app. (available on iPhone, android & desktop)
  2. Classes will need to be unreserved should a student be unavailable.
  3. If you do not turn up to class and do not un-reserve your place, no make up lesson will be offered.

Whether you are planning to attend an Online Class or a Face to Face Class, it is essential that you reserve your place!