Mohammed Athique

“There is definitely something to learn every single day!”

Mohammed’s journey with taekwondo has been a unique and unforgettable family bonding experience so far.

He trains alongside his two kids.

His proudest moment at Power with Purpose has been grading to the next belt with his children. “Hearing our names being called out one after another and receiving our next belts was a very proud moment for me. I already look forward to the next grading event!”

What Mohammed appreciates most about his taekwondo journey at Power with Purpose is the respect that every person receives.

“The respect that they receive has nothing to do with the person’s belt level. I see so many families at different levels of their journey. There is always someone to look up to. Master Michael and Master Matt have inculcated in every single black and senior belt the importance of the great culture and discipline that’s followed at Power with Purpose. The higher students’ grading levels are, the more humble and stronger they become.

Overall, this is a fantastic school, with instructors who are wise and skilled. There is definitely something to learn every single day!”

One of the biggest lessons Mohammed has learned during his time at Power with Purpose so far is that age is never a disadvantage. “While it lets me understand what I can do and cannot do with my current physical abilities, I have learned that with age comes wisdom and experience that can get me to train my body and mind and get better at martial arts, one day at a time.”

Mohammed’s message to youngsters (or adults!) considering a taekwondo journey is that it’s a fantastic skill set to have, for kids and parents. “Well… some things are best understood when we experience it ourselves, so it’s worth giving it a shot to see how you feel about it. My daughter (age 10) has been here for about four years now, and in that time, I have seen several families join here, just like us. This term, my son (age 7) joined too. Taekwondo is extremely welcoming to all families!”

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