Our History

We’re not just any taekwondo club. At Power with Purpose, we have a direct lineage to the roots of the art of taekwondo in Korea, dating back to the first generation of masters decades ago.

Our roots

Song Moo Kwan

Let’s start by explaining what Song Moo Kwan is. Also named “Song Moo Kwan Kong Soo Do,” it is one of the five original kwans (martial art schools) teaching taekwondo in Korea. Its founder, Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jik Ro (1919 – 2015), was one of the highest ranking taekwondo practitioners in the world and is considered the founder of modern taekwondo.

Byung Hoon Park

Grandmaster Byung Hoon (‘Lion’) Park was one of Song Moo Kwan’s first generation students. He is a 9th Dan Black Belt, and also the founder of Lion Park’s Taekwondo. He was renowned for having the strongest punch in Korea and was Korean Forms Champion.

Park built a large global following in countries like Thailand, the US and here in Australia.

That’s where Power with Purpose comes in. Our roots are with Byung Hoon Park at the Lion Park Taekwondo school here in Australia.

The birth of Power with Purpose

The family behind the Power with Purpose name today is the Rahn family.

Michael Rahn started his journey with taekwondo in 1985. His two sons, Matthew and Jason, started in 1999.

Together, the Rahn trio started Power with Purpose as instructors in 2016. In 2019, they tested their first black belts, and held their first tournament shortly after.

Today, we have a team of eight senior instructors and operate four clubs across the Sydney region.

Three black belter men with a baby wearing Gi
Group of Taekwondo students

We take pride in our history, and our students do too

We are extremely proud of our direct lineage to the roots of the art of taekwondo in Korea, dating back to the first generation of masters.

We believe it’s important for our students to know the history of our club and our taekwondo history because it instils a sense of pride, tradition and respect for the art and the generations of masters who have come before us.

Our connection to Byung Hoon Park and the Lion Park Taekwondo school sets us apart from other taekwondo clubs in Sydney. It is a testament to the quality of our instruction and the strength of our community.

We believe that by embracing our history and lineage we can inspire our students to reach new heights of excellence and become the next generation of leaders in the world of taekwondo.

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