Practical Self-Defence Program

“If violence is to be curbed it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore, what he must be taught to fear is his victim.” Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper U.S.M.C.

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Practical Self-Defence


Most conflicts can be walked away from, in other words “Defused”, after all a bomb disposal expert really doesn’t want the device to go Off! The ultimate desire is to neutralize the device rendering it harmless.

At Power with Purpose, we always apply the “Defuse the Situation” technique, in other words… Walk Away.

However, there will always be confrontations where this will not be afforded. This is when simple and practical self-defence becomes the only option.


Our 8-week course will give you the awareness and preparation you would need to realign the scales.

They’re also great fun in a safe and controlled environment.


PWP - Self-defence
Tips to goal setting


Our philosophy is Seatbelts and Air bags for life. In other words, what do we need to carry with us for day-to-day situations? We will look at Breathing, being aware of your surroundings, Flight plan and Strongest emotion.

Grabs and get out, strikes being grabbed from behind, Double Grab against a wall.


Definding an Attack


When walking or running away isn’t an option we need to stand and defend ourselves. This is what we will look at over the coming 2 weeks incorporating various pads and equipment.


  • Stay focused avoid distractions
  • When to Take Action
  • Shirt Grab
  • Throw Down a bigger Attacker
Anything worthwhile is not easy
Self-confidence and self-awareness

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Sign up for our 8 Week Self-Defense Seminar.


Both members and non-members of Power with Purpose are able to join the seminar.

Age criteria 14yrs +

Seated Attacks

Attacks won’t always come standing up. We will look at varying situations where you be in a less that desirable location.

We will look at how to prepare and react and what you could apply should you be in a seated position. 

Safe and Friendly Environment

Throughout the program you will take part in quite physical and confronting activities.  We will encourage and teach you what to do and how to react in a confrontation with some activities requiring some contact and specialized safety equipment for both you and the instructor’s protection.

At times we will wear mouth guards simply as a safety measure

 However, you will never be made do something that is beyond your capability with your personal protection both physically and mentally a priority.

The Family Team

Founder and Head instructor Master Michael is a Sixth Dan Blackbelt with both sons, Masters Matthew and Jason currently fifth Dan Blackbelts and Jason’s son Daniel, the newest member.

This commands a huge amount of respect in taekwondo, signifying leadership, expertise, many years of training and teaching, a high level of discipline and a wealth of knowledge.

You are in expert hands!

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