Taekwon Don’t Eat That!

The end of any year, along with New Year celebrations, is always a marvellous time. There is an urgent sense of hustle and bustle as people, businesses and clubs scramble to finish off the year with a bang! There are celebrations, events and most importantly, large festive meals!

Many people feel that they gain weight over the end of year holiday period, it is usually attributed to less physical activity alongside an increased in calorie intake. Most likely from richer food, larger helpings and more sugary treats.

How can we prevent this from happening and keep our holidays worry free and weight gain free?

Less physical activity

Firstly, lets take away some of the “worry”.

A recent study by “The New England Journal of Medicine” did a survey over three countries, USA, Japan and Germany and the general result was that their weight gain over the holiday period was less than 1kg by the end of the holidays. This was researched on nearly 3,000 participants. They also found that more than 50% of the people who gained the (barely) kilo lost it once they returned to work and their everyday lifestyle.

So enjoy a little less worry from those facts!

However, 50% of participants kept that 1kg of extra weight; and “Of course, the less one gains, the less one then has to worry about trying to lose it.”

Are there any way to help prevent that extra weight gain? Of course there are!

Try out these hints and tips! Some are simple, some are a little harder, see how you go.

1. Stay Physical

Plan some physical activity at least every 2nd Day. You don’t need to be a fitness obsessed monster. But many people end of sitting for a good week or so, glued to a TV, a lounge chair, a bed or even a backyard chair. Get up and move. If you feel like you want these holidays to be different to the past ones, move IN THE MORNING. Research shows that you are more likely to maintain a healthier lifestyle with physical activity at the star to of the day.

2. Be picky with you food

Don’t trick yourself into thinking, I’ll fill up on all these vegetables but I’m not having ANY pasta. Truth is, if you really want that pasta, or that chocolate, you will probably end up having some. Pick the foods that you really want in moderation so that you feel satisfied at the end of your meal.

Stay Physical
Pick the foods

3. Say NO as often as you can

What gets us in the holidays is the snacking as well. People are very generous around this time of year, and they want to spread happiness and joy to their friends and family.

If you have many friends and a large family, this can get hazardous when everyone offers you “just one” chocolate and “just one” dessert.

It can build up quick, don’t let it overwhelm you. (I know the picture is the opposite of what I said, but I thought it was funny, as many people want to be this lady.)

4. Still eat regularly

People have an idea that “since I’m having a big dinner I should skip lunch”.

This idea tends to backfire because then, naturally, you are STARVING by the time you get to dinner and end up eating more than your normal lunch and dinner combined.

Stick with regular meal times and eat 3-4 meals per day.

Eat regularly
Stay hydrated

5. Don’t forget water

Stay hydrated as much as possible. We get so caught up in all the fun and events we don’t realise that we could very need a good glass or two.

Before we realise we are thirsty, there is a good chance we tried to fix that problem with more food. Drink before and after every meal.

Hopefully these hints and tips will keep you all in a more comfortable shape for your return to training next year!

I hope you all still enjoy some tasty treats!