Virtual Taekwondo Classes

Online Classes Up & Running

The Power with Purpose Team are devoted to ensuring quality taekwondo training. In providing online training classes, we are able to check on students’ progress, correct their techniques and deliver a quality lesson.

Monday night saw a successful first Virtual Class with 29 students attending and 14 students in the Senior Belt Class. As you can see, our students had a great time. Check our timetable for up-to-date class information.

How Will Classes Work?

During our virtual video classes, we need to consider many new rules to ensure your safety and privacy. This is because you are not only doing physical activity at home but inviting other students into your home while you train.

We will still adhere to our other regular class rules with yes sir, bowing and the class oath. All in all, we will establish a regular class experience and create a normal as possible lifestyle as we can.

To join in you need to,

  1. Reserve your lesson via the Zenplanner app (this helps with class preparation and roll marking)
  2. Download a free zoom account onto your device
  3. Create a clear safe place to train in (move unnecessary furniture like coffee tables etc.)
  4. Wear your uniform at all times during class times
  5. Begin class with your microphone on mute. (you will be welcomed to unmute during the class) and if you are unable to control your background noise (siblings, noisy background etc.) please remain on mute.
  6. Be mindful of your language and manners during class. (you are still in a Do-Jang experience)

You are certainly welcome to use zooms virtual background on your end of the video or even block your video totally.

Benefits of Physical Exercise for Your Mind

One of the great side benefits of any type of quality training is that it gives us the ability to reboot our minds and escape from our current stresses, even if for only an hour or so.

Here’s some of the fantastic feedback we have received from our Taekwondo families via our YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and email.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all your support through these very difficult times.