Virtual Taekwondo Classes via Zoom

Our team at Power with Purpose is devoted to ensuring our students get the best in Taekwondo training, no matter where they are.

We offer virtual Taekwondo classes via Zoom as a permanent part of our schedule for our students who enjoy training in the comfort of their own homes – and we’re proud to say that our online community is growing bigger (and stronger!) by the day.

Why our virtual classes are such a hit

With the introduction of our online Taekwondo training during the global pandemic in 2020, it proved to be an exciting training experience for Power with Purpose students, instructors and parents. We noticed so many benefits in virtual learning, including:

  • Cut out travel time and costs. It goes without saying that not having to spend time in traffic is almost always beneficial. If you have internet access and a mobile device, students can join in from any room in the house.
  • Minimally impacted by weather conditions. Students can comfortably train in air-conditioned or heated rooms in the comfort of their own homes in the extremes of summer and winter.
  • Students have more time available during lessons to focus on personal stretching, fitness and fundamental techniques.
  • Students can log in online to train from their home… or even from a vacation spot. The sky’s the limit!
  • Students can develop their Taekwondo skills from virtually anywhere in the world.

How do our virtual classes work?

While virtual classes are great in so many ways, there is a number of notable differences to that of face-to-face training. We need to consider many different rules to ensure safety and privacy.

We adhere to our regular class rules with Yes sir, bowing and repeating the class oath. We wish to establish a regular class experience for all our students.

To join in you need to:

  1. Reserve your lesson via the Zenplanner app (this helps with class preparation and roll marking)
  2. Download a free zoom account onto your device
  3. Create a clear safe place to train in (move away unnecessary furniture like tables and chairs)
  4. Wear your uniform at all times during class times
  5. Begin class with your microphone on mute. (You will be prompted when to unmute during the class) and if you are unable to control your background noise (siblings, noisy background etc.) please remain on mute
  6. Be mindful of your language and manners during class (you are still in a Do-Jang environment)

During NSW school holidays we offer virtual classes ONLY

During school holidays, Power With Purpose offers online training sessions via Zoom, with no in-person classes taking place.

This is to allow students and parents to take a breather during the holidays, but still be able to continue attending their lessons and further develop their Taekwondo skills.

The school holiday timetable is condensed to Monday-Thursday classes only, with Weapon and Tournament students having access to exclusive pre-recorded learning materials, they will be able to do their training anytime, anywhere.

Join us online for a better, stronger you

At Power with Purpose we pride ourselves on the support we provide to our students through the sense of community felt within the club. This is also true for our virtual classes. Our students learn to support each other while being respectful of others’ feelings and opinions.

Contact us to find out more about joining our community.