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The power of our taekwondo club radiates from our team of skilled instructors.

The Rahn family members – Michael, Matthew and Jason – were the original instructors with more than 20 years of teaching experience. We’re now an extended team of skilled instructors and young leaders who are shaping future taekwondo champions.

Our instructors are passionate about teaching the art of taekwondo. They provide students with a safe and nurturing environment where they can become strong, disciplined and powerful – physically and mentally.

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Taekwondo classes

We structure our taekwondo classes for effective teaching and optimised development for each student. We take a personalised approach to teaching, scaling each student’s training to suit their abilities, and we shape our teaching according to the Kukkiwon – the centre of taekwondo culture.

With a focus on discipline, respect and perseverance, we aim to help our students achieve their goals and reach their full potential. We encourage kids, mums, dads, siblings and the extended family to train together at Power with Purpose.

We offer in-person taekwondo classes, online classes and an assortment of tournament and weapons training.

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Tournament training

There’s no better way to put your taekwondo techniques to the test than receiving proper tournament training. At Power with Purpose, we offer tournament training in a family-friendly, safe and encouraging environment.

But don’t let us fool you with all this family-friendly-talk – we’ll stretch your limits. Our taekwondo tournaments teach essential values and skills such as self-discipline, overcoming obstacles, good sportsmanship and self-control.

We host a range of in-house tournaments, and we also compete against external clubs to keep you laser focused.

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Weapons training

Our popular Weapons Training Classes teach students the art of using traditional martial arts weapons, such as the sword, staff and nunchakus, as self-defence techniques and skills development.

Led by experienced and certified black belt instructors, these classes provide a non-contact experience for our students, helping to improve coordination, focus and self-defence skills.

Not interested in committing to ongoing weapons training? Then join us for our next one-off Weapons Workshop.

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8-Week Self-Defence Seminar

Want to learn to defend yourself in a relaxed, safe environment?

Our classes can give you the skills to mentally and physically prepare for the most confrontational situations. Our popular Self-Defence 8-Week Seminar teaches you to have confidence in your ability to defend yourself.

Once you have the right skills and strategies, the most potent opponents can be taken down… no matter how strong they are!

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Client Testimonials

In the words of our students

“It’s extremely rewarding seeing the club come together as a community to be there for my son when he puts on the uniform. It’s such a welcoming, caring and relaxed environment that encourages personal growth that turns my typically hyperactive son into a well-disciplined student! The lessons learnt in the classes extend beyond taekwondo and into society as well.”

- Sandra

In the words of our students

"I re-graded after a significant injury. I was told that I wouldn’t walk again. Now I am back to full movement and training. Achieving a black belt at Lion Park years ago as a teenager and then returning as an instructor has definitely given me a different perspective on sharing and giving back. Seeing the students grow is something I am very proud to be a part of.”

- Nathan Briggs

In the words of our students

“The respect students receive has nothing to do with the person’s belt level. I see so many families at different levels of their journey. There is always someone to look up to. Master Michael and Master Matt have inculcated in every single black and senior belt the importance of the great culture and discipline that’s followed at Power with Purpose. The higher students’ grading levels are, the more humble and stronger they become. Overall, this is a fantastic school, with instructors who are wise and skilled. There is definitely something to learn every single day!”

- Mohammed Athique

In the words of our students

“I definitely enjoy the encouragement received and the family-friendly environment provided at Power with Purpose, no matter your age or ability. As long as we do our best when we step onto the mat.”

- Kelly Hulscher

In the words of our students

"I appreciate Cameron's work ethic. I love Salwa and Areej's fierce poise. I appreciate Liam's dedication and consistency. Phil and Piper and helpful and encouraging. Leah is gentle and supportive. I look at this group and want to be like them. They inspire me to always want to do my best and keep trying even when I feel like something might be beyond me."

- Alice Cochrane

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