Taekwondo Claremont Meadows

Taekwondo masters teaching students

Claremont Meadows Public School

Instructor – Master Gerard (Monday and Wednesday)

One of our newest locations, Claremont Meadows, which will open in 2024, has been a popular Taekwondo location under Master Naydene for over two decades. Master Gerard has now been tasked with continuing the intensive training at this location and nurturing the students of the Penrith / St Mary’s area.

“Taekwondo training has had a profound impact on my life and wellbeing. It is fun and challenging, a great way to learn and practice physical and mental discipline with real results while being part of a passionate martial arts community.”

– Master Gerard

Class Timetable

Our class timetable allows students to choose a timeslot that works best for their individual circumstances. The timetable is, however, subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to students via Zen Planner.
During NSW School Holidays, scheduled lessons are only available online via Zoom classes.
Please read more about our class procedures.
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