Taekwondo Tournaments

Want to put your Taekwondo techniques to the test in a family friendly, safe environment?

Our Taekwondo tournaments are a great way to teach students about important values such as self-discipline, overcoming challenges, good sportsmanship and self-control.

Dynamic father and son duo Michael and Matthew offer a range of in-house events plus tournaments against external clubs for our students to participate in.

No barriers

We run Taekwondo classes for multiple skill levels and age groups ranging from junior to adult.

Check out our timetable to see what suits you the best!

Taekwondo tournaments have a large number of events that are tailored towards certain age groups, skill levels and genders… there are no barriers!

Multiple skill levels and age groups
Disciplines within Taekwondo tournaments

Disciplines within Taekwondo tournaments

There are a number of disciplines within Taekwondo tournaments to compete in, such as:

  • Sparring Poomsae
  • Weapons
  • Breaking and power breaking
  • Demonstrations

Not sure what to do? We can help – whatever your discipline! Contact us

Taekwondo tournament preparation

Not sure what to bring to a Taekwondo tournament? A little hesitant about how to prep?

Make sure to attend plenty of practice sessions, bring all your gear (packed the night before), stay hydrated and take something to occupy your time while waiting for your match!

Don’t worry… we have a black belt in making your tournament experience simple!

Taekwondo tournament preparation
Sportmanship at tournament

Sportsmanship at tournaments

At Power with Purpose we believe a true Taekwondo Champion exhibits excellent Sportsmanship in victory and defeat. Our students are expected to respect the tournament and club rules whilst considering other competitors feelings regardless of the circumstances.

Competition at Taekwondo tournaments can bring out both fair and dishonest bevhaviour….remember to stay humble, challenge your limits and have fun!

Am I ready?

You’ve attended our classes, practised the techniques, got all the right gear and planned for an upcoming match… we think you’re tournament ready!

Contact us for further information on how to enter and how we can help!