Grading/Gup Promotion

We take our gradings, also known as Gup Promotion, very seriously. We work individually with each student to ensure they are well prepared and ready to grade to the next belt. We conduct our promotions in alignment with the Kukkiwon standards.

We design our gradings to test our students’ abilities and to evaluate them in a safe and secure environment.

We live-stream the entire grading via our YouTube channel live from 9am, so family and friends can watch from the comfort of their own homes, if they are unable to attend. You will find the link on the Zen Planner app with the event time and link posted closer to the date.

There will be demonstrations in Poomsae, paddle & bag work, sparing and board breaks.

Grading Hall

The testing will require students to demonstrate their full range of skills and techniques to progress to their next belt level.

Your supportive grading instructors will allow you to reach the next step in your taekwondo journey. To maintain the formality and tradition of grading, we will test you with other students on the same level.

Grading Schedule

Belt Groups and Times Available via the Zen Planner App

March 23rd 2024 

Coloured  Belt Grading

June 15th 2024 

Coloured Belt Grading

September 7th 2024

Coloured Belt Grading

November 30th 2024

Coloured Belt Grading

November 23rd 2024

Black Belt Dan Grading

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
Shelley Public School, Blacktown


Shelley Public School, Blacktown


 Shelley Public School, Blacktown


Shelley Public School, Blacktown


Shelley Public School, Blacktown

Our grading structure

At Power with Purpose we proudly boast that our students exemplify the highest degree of discipline, technique and determination found within martial arts.

Our grading structure aims to be progressive, changing with each coloured belt. Black belts will typically do a demonstration at the beginning of each grading, providing a glimpse of the talent we have at our club.

See what is involved within each grading below:

Senior vs junior gradings

Any blue belt and above will be undertaking a senior ranking, whilst any belt below blue will be a junior.

Each grading goes for approximately 90 minutes allowing Matt, Michael and Jason to evaluate the skills, discipline and techniques of their students.


Gup Promotion criteria

  • A student’s waiting period is determined by the age of the student on the grading day, not the age they are turning during the period on that belt.
  • Waiting periods must consist of regular consecutive attendance to apply to grade within that period.
  • Failure to attend regular classes will result in the waiting period being extended.
  • Children may need to wait additional time due to their inability to understand or perform specific techniques.
  • Senior belts must move to advanced classes to be eligible to grade.
  • Senior belts are classed as (Hi-Blue Belts and above) to Black Belts.
  • Senior belts must participate in a minimum of one standard and one advanced class per week.
  • A student’s behaviour inside and outside the Dojang will be considered and can result in their Gup Promotion Test being refused.
  • Special needs students will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis and meet the modified criteria and additional time frame set out by the head instructor.

Talk to us about your next grading

If you wish to discuss your next Gup Promotion or your eligibility with one of our instructors, please feel free to contact us.

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