Are you ready for the next level? Do you have what it takes?

Our gradings test all our students abilities and are designed to evaluate them in a safe and secure environment.

At this point in time we are only able to have one spectator per testing student attend so, here’s the next best thing.

We live-stream the entire grading via our YouTube channel live from 9am so family and friends can watch from the comfort of their own home. You will find the link on the Zenplanner app with the event time and link posted closer to the date.

You will be able to see our students strive for their next level in martial arts.  There will be demonstrations in Poomse, paddle & bag work, sparing and board breaks.

We thank you for patience and understanding.

Grading Hall

Students will be required to demonstrate their full range of skills and techniques to progress to their next belt level.

Your supportive grading instructors will allow you to reach the next step in your Taekwondo journey. To maintain the formality and tradition of a grading you will be tested with other students on the same level.

Grading Schedule

Belt Groups and Times Available via the Zenplanner App

April 9th 

Coloured  Belt Grading

June 25th 

Coloured Belt Grading

September 17th

Coloured Belt Grading

December 3rd

Coloured Belt Grading

December 10th

Black Belt Dan Grading

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
Shelley Public School, Blacktown


Shelley Public School, Blacktown


 Shelley Public School, Blacktown


Shelley Public School, Blacktown


Shelley Public
School, Blacktown

Our Grading Structure

At Power with Purpose we proudly boast that our students exemplify the highest degree of discipline, technique and determination found within Martial Arts.

Our Grading Structure aims to be progressive, changing with each coloured belt. Black belts will typically do a demonstration at the beginning of each grading providing a glimpse of the talent we have at our club.

See what is involved within each Grading below:

White belts

Chung Chi Hyung form, Speed Training and Free Sparring.

Yellow belts

Palgwe 1, White Belt Form, Speed Training and Free Sparring.

High Yellow belts

Palgwe 1 and 2, Speed Training, Free Sparring, Paddle kicks and White board break.

Green Belts

Palgwe 2 and 3, Speed Training, Free Sparring, One Step Sparring, Paddle kicks and Yellow Board Break.

High Green Belt

Palgwe 3 and 4, Speed Training, Free Sparring, One Step Sparring, Paddle Kicks and Combos and Yellow Board Break.

Blue Belts

Palgwe 4 and 5, Speed Training, Free Sparring, One Step Sparring, Paddle Kicks and Combos and Orange Board Break.

Seniour vs Juniour

Senior vs Junior Gradings

To make sure every person gets enough time and space to be fairly Graded we have two different sessions.

Any blue belt and above will be undertaking a senior ranking whilst any belt below blue will be a Junior.

Each grading goes for approximately 90 minutes allowing Matt, Michael and Jason to evaluate the skills, discipline and techniques of their students.

Contact us to find out which Grading is right for you.

Am I ready?

Feeling confident? Mastered the forms and techniques you’ve been practicing for weeks?

It may take years, months or weeks…every person learns at a different pace. At Power with Purpose we encourage our students to go for their grading only when they are confident in their ability and demonstrated the skills necessary to our instructors.

To quote the infamous Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Power with Purpose Taekwondo Classes
Grading Hall 3

More than just a belt

During class your child is willinging to listen, respecting their fellow students and instructor….at home or school it seems like all of the good behaviour disappears! We believe our students need to demonstrate the discipline required for each belt inside and outside the club.

Our Instructors will only recommend students for grading if they have reflected the maturity necessary to progress to the next rank.

Grand Master Park

Each year Kwan-Jang-Nim “Lion” Park is invited to attend our black belt grading. He has reached the highest level of Taekwondo as a 9th Dan Black Belt.

Grand Master Park is a welcomed guest at our Black Belt gradings. Each Power with Purpose student is recognised by Grand Master Park and receives his WTF Australian Taekwondo Academy certificate.

To this day he continues to encourage a high standard of taekwondo, self-discipline and self-control.