Power with Purpose TEAM

Team - Michael R

Michael Rahn

Sharing his excitement for taekwondo comes easy for Michael Rahn.

Michael is the founder and principal of Power with Purpose.

You can find him teaching the classes, handling the accounts and sparring with the kids!

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Matthew Rahn

Matthew fell in love with taekwondo after seeing martial arts on the TV screen for the first time.

His natural leadership skills and ability to bring out the best in his students make him the perfect taekwondo instructor.

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Team - Matthew
Team - Jason Rahn

Jason Rahn

With over 15 years of experience, Jason is no novice when it comes to anything taekwondo related.

His passion to see students succeed while constantly growing their ability is a combination that is hard to challenge.

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Sandra Rahn

Sandra’s bubbly and welcoming spirit makes her the perfect person to see when you first walk into one of our classes.

You can find her behind the scenes making sure everyone is being looked after with all the right equipment!

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Team - Sandra