Michael Rahn

As the founder and principal of Power with Purpose, Michael strives to encourage his students to master their skills whilst learning key tools for life such as discipline, respect towards others and the ability to listen.

“My job is to help students go beyond their abilities. Change is the most enjoyable thing I see within Power with Purpose. Having parents explain the noticeable difference in their child is worth coming into classes.”

Michael has been practising Taekwondo for nearly 25 years. “I love the sense of fair play and discipline that is associated with taekwondo. Students learn to take responsibility for their actions, while always giving their best.”

After multiple workplace injuries in his work as a motor trimmer, Michael took a break from taekwondo but couldn’t resist his urge to teach.

For 10 years he taught apprentices of all abilities the motor trimming trade, then went on to complete a diploma along with a graduate and postgraduate degree in counselling.

After achieving his black belt with his son, Michael further progressed, achieving a 6th dan while running classes after his training. The class numbers swelled with more and more students joining each day… and Power with Purpose was born!

The taekwondo philosophy that Michael lives by and teaches his students at Power with Purpose is to be a good person first, and good at taekwondo second. Being powerful and skilled comes with a great responsibility, one that Michael takes very seriously.

“My heart swells seeing my students and our team grow in skills and confidence. Taekwondo is so much more than just learning the moves and becoming strong. It’s embedded in morality, respect and ethos. The values transfer to all aspects of life.”

In his spare time, Michael enjoys taking some time off and getting away from the city. You may find him in the garage building hot rods or sewing the different coloured belts for his next class.

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