Jason Rahn

Man wearing ang black belt smiling at the camera

Jason is not one to back down from a challenge. He thrives on seeing both the students and teachers learn from each other… no matter how many times he gets knocked down!

Jason has been practising taekwondo for over 15 years, after first being defeated by his younger brother Matt. Jason was determined to learn the techniques that led to his very first defeat to retain the status quo as the stronger older sibling.

After gaining his black belt, Jason went on to gain his fifth dan and work as an instructor at Power with Purpose. In the daytime you can find him working on the factory floor or forklift driving, looking forward to sparring with students in the afternoon.

“On those stressful days, it’s a sweet relief going to taekwondo training. You can get so focused on just being in the moment, going at your own pace.”

At Power with Purpose, Jason teaches classes, allocates students to teach lower forms and runs through fundamental skills/circuits whilst sparring with his students. He works with both his brother and father creating a fun, family friendly environment.

“I love working with both Dad and Matt. We learn from each other and are constantly challenged by the improvements made by our students.”

Jason loves seeing the growth achieved within his students… whether it is a student slowly gaining confidence or learning their first kick. He strongly believes that both the teacher and student can grow together, learning from each other.

“You remember when the students walk through the door who are very shy, they aren’t confident in their ability. They progress so much in the classes and really come out of their shell; it’s really rewarding to see.”

When Jason isn’t busy sparring with his students you will find him taking care of his two children. His eldest son is already is a part of the club… you can find him in his white uniform listening in on his grandfather’s classes!

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