Matthew Rahn

Man wearing ang black belt smiling at the camera

As soon as Matthew watched the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles take down their supervillains, an instant love of martial arts was created. From the age of seven he was practising his kicks in the front yard… hoping to be the next green Power Ranger or Donatello!

Matthew started going to taekwondo classes at the age of seven with his dad after his parents decided to put his practice in the backyard into a structured class.

Matt remembers building a unique bond with his dad, making it easy to work and teach together as a team.

“We’ve always had a special connection and understanding of each other because of taekwondo. It has built a great deal of respect between us and solidified a foundation of trust.”

Since gaining his red belt, Matt has been teaching students, gaining confidence through following his dad’s example. He now has earned a black belt and a 6th dan, becoming Michael’s right hand man at Power with Purpose.

As Head Instructor/Assistant Manager, Matt can be seen coordinating the lessons, running the classes and helping with jobs within Power with Purpose.

“I see myself as a role model for the kids. One of the first lessons we teach our students is taekwondo is a lot more fun when we don’t hurt each other. It’s important that every member of the club respects each other.”

He loves figuring out what his students need to succeed and creating a fun atmosphere that challenges their skillsets.

“I’ve always loved analysing why a student can’t succeed and coming up with a strategy catering to their abilities to see them succeed.”

His role at Power with Purpose fits in perfectly with his job as a personal trainer. Matt enjoys seeing his clients overcome their struggles… just like his students!

Outside classes you can find Matt catching up on Netflix series or watching the latest Marvel movie. He may even be able to cook you a delicious serving of charred potatoes after a workout!

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