Front Foot Side Kick

The side kick as seen in the previous lesson can be a powerful technique to master, it is so powerful that it can stun or even knockout your opponent if done correctly. But this lesson will be focusing on a slightly different, less powerful but faster variation of the side kick technique, and this is called the front foot side kick.

Yes, the side kick is powerful, but because of the steps and body movement required to properly perform the technique, it does not give you the extra split second required to take advantage of your opponent.

The front foot side kick takes care of that disadvantage, granting a martial artist the extra seconds and speed required to execute the technique.

Performing the front foot side kick is not difficult, and can easily be performed by a novice, with a little practice. Here are the steps below:

Step 1. The fighting stance

The key to getting any kicking technique right is a good fighting stance, and the front foot side kick is no different.

Stand with your legs apart, and one foot in front of the other, basically the foot you’re most comfortable kicking with gets to be at the front of the other with your guard up.



1. Fighting stance
2. Raise the Knee

Step 2. Raise the front knee

Raise the knee, while putting enough pressure on your back foot and shifting most of your weight to it.

This gives you more balance, and you’re able to stand quite firmly on one leg just as it was done in the previous lesson and also in the front snap kick.



Step 3. Rotate your hips

With your front knee raised and your weight on the back leg, rotate your hips and pull your front knee back till it’s at the same level as your waist, while pointing at the direction of your chest and your side facing the opponent.




3. Rotate the hips
4. Execute the Kick

Step 4. Execute the kick

Kick hard; when your front knee is pulled towards your chest, it generates more than enough power to hit your target really hard and fast.

Kick with your heel, and not the sole of your feet, this gets the most out of it.



Step 5. Return to fighting stance

After performing the kick, don’t just drop your leg, retract your leg and take each step in reverse ( from step 4 to step 1) until you’re back to your fighting stance.




1. Fighting stance

It may not be as powerful as the conventional side kick, but when speed is of the essence, the front foot side kick is more effective. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time, keep practicing, and you’ll be executing it fluidly in no time.