Physiotherapy. To Treat or not to Treat?

Advice of a physiotherapist

You don’t need to be injured or in pain to seek the advice of a physiotherapist.

Unfortunately, just saying the word “Physiotherapy” can often be meet with criticisms and complaints. Sometimes justifiably. I’m sad to say that I have has the same experience in the past and have always sort alternate methods of healing.

However, I am currently reaping the rewards of treatment provided to me by the team at Revesby Physiotherapy.

It is certain with any sport, in fact life itself is that we are going to get injured doing the things we do and most of us just push through and put up with it.

I have defiantly had my share of injures over the years, some have been quite depilating in fact there was a time that I did not train for many years. Around 10 to be precise.

Many health professionals advised me against returning to any form of physical fitness, let alone Taekwondo.

Help me rehabilitate

However, I’m not the type of person who takes NO, or YOU CAN’T for an answer.

So I set out to find people who would help me rehabilitate and get back on my feet. There had been quite a few who assisted and helped me back into training and martial arts. Certainly with some limitations but back at it. I was content just being on the floor again and doing things that I love.

The only downfall was that in recent years I found myself having greater hip pain and knee pain, which I put down to getting older and training to much.

I thought “just put up with it!” after all I had seen my GP who said “What do you expect?” I had also scans which has detected a considerable amount of arthritis in many of my joints including my knees.

That was until we discovered Revesby Physiotherapy. I’d heard several good reports about them so I decided to pay them a visit with the idea of maintenance in mind and hopefully reduce some of the pain I was experiencing.

WOW! In all my tears of training I have never had such impressive results in such a short time.

Firstly, the reduction in my day after training soreness has been all but eliminated. I can get up the next day without feeling like a cripple.

Revesby Physiotherapy
Personal limitations

I walk better without the stiffness and soreness; my posture has improved, to the point that I have had to readjust my seating position in the car as a result of sitting better.

To the ultimate payoff of an increased height and strength to all my kicks and this all within a couple of months.

When I first saw Nick my left hip only had 20-degree rotation and I am now at 45 degrees.

A massive gain with only weeks of therapy. A good example of how much improvement has been achieved.

The excitement is now how far will I be able to go?

Mind you, I am realistic about my own personal limitations and I am having to do my share of work in my own time but the results speak for themselves.

As a foot note this is in no way a paid promotion nor am I receiving reimbursements of any kind. Unless you consider better flexibility and great health a payment. Which leads me to the point.

I love to see students improve and make the most of their training and be the best they can be. I can pretty much guarantee, particularly to my more mature crowd, that you and your training will benefit as a result of visiting their practice.

Simply put I truly believe in what these young men can achieve and would highly recommend the services at Revesby physiotherapy and can highly recommend their skill and expertise.

I cannot praise the team enough. Thank You.

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