Weapons Classes

If you are serious about developing your skills and coordination when handling weapons, our weekly weapons classes are for you.

The art of weapon handling in martial arts dates back centuries, and is a skill that we proudly teach at Power with Purpose, in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

As a plus, our weapons classes are a great way to clear your mind, relieve stress, gain confidence in learning a new skill and support children in their physical coordination development.

Our instructors are experts in weapon handling

Our Head Instructor, Matt Rahn, has a wealth of experience to share with his students. With 20 years of experience using a bo staff, he has a wide variety of intriguing moves to share.

“A key difference between weapons training and mainstream martial arts is that with mainstream martial arts you can still make slow and steady progress over a long period of time. Whereas with weapons training, if you do not practise the basic techniques, you will simply not be able to perform the harder manoeuvres. It reinforces that progress is not possible without discipline and practice.”

Train in a safe and nurturing environment

One of the critical lessons we teach our students is you have more fun and expand your skillset with confidence when you aren’t getting hurt.

Our weapons classes are non-contact. Our bo staves are designed only for demonstrating techniques; no striking or blocking is involved. Our classes have plenty of room… so everyone will have room to practise. You’ll learn an array of fun and effective techniques and develop your skills without ending up with colourful bruises at the end of the day!

Develop coordination skills with weapons training

Does your child have difficulty catching a ball, or do they find it difficult to focus on one task?

Practising with our bow staves can help increase focus and discipline, and develop coordinated strength.

Through our weapons classes, we notice that many of our students develop a natural increase in their coordination and ability to concentrate on any given task.

A form of meditation

Imagine letting all of the day’s stress melt away while you focus on the calming, rhythmical movements of a bo staff…

…or seeing your typically hyperactive child so focused on perfecting a new move they seem like a well-disciplined student.

Our weapons classes help you to focus your energy on honing your skills and let worrying issues take a backseat.

Think of our classes as your own form of meditation, while developing strength and useful skills you never thought you had within you.

If you have more questions about our weapons classes, please contact us today to speak with one of our instructors.

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